Sodexo: improving the quality of life is number one driver of performance for next generation leaders

May 12, 2015

This is the conclusion of How Leaders Value Quality of Life” study, the first study examining the impact of quality of life as a factor of performance in organizations The results were presented during the first international conference organized by Sodexo at New York.and of the Conference that took place at New York on this topic.

Sodexo: improving the quality of life is number one driver of performance for next generation leaders

Bucharest, May 12 – Almost 7 of 10 (sixty-nine percent) of Millennials totally agree that improving quality of life will have an important impact on the performance of their future organization, versus 57 percent of current leaders. Next generation leaders ranked quality of life as the number one driver of performance for organizations, while current leaders ranked it fifth.

Those are the results of „How Leaders Value Quality of Life” study by Sodexo and Harris Interactive, the first study examining the impact of quality of life as a factor of performance in organizations around the world.
The results of the study were revealed  and debated by specialists of academic environment, leaders of companies, international organisations and political environment with the occasion of the first international Quality of Life Conference, hosted by Sodexo on May 5 and May 6, in New York.

Most important results of the Sodexo Survey
66% of leaders interviewed said quality of life is already a priority in their organization
• 86% said they have already implemented at least three specific quality of life initiatives
• 60% of organizations have a dedicated budget for those initiatives
• 48% of leaders have already appointed a dedicated team or person to oversee quality of life
• 57% of leaders interviewed are convinced that quality of life has an important impact on their organization's performance
• 62% of organizations have instituted specific metrics to gauge quality of life's impact on performance


Michel Landel, Sodexo CEO: "Improving quality has become even more relevant with the profound demographic, economic, technological and environmental changes we face today. For most organizations, the next competitive advantage will come from their ability to generate higher added human value. The importance of Quality of Life will rise as end-users grow increasingly powerful, with new technologies amplifying consumers’ voices and new generations taking a greater role in the workforce”

Delphine Martelli-Banégas, Head of the Corporate Department at Harris Interactive: “This survey is the first international barometer among key decision makers. It is a unique study in that we did solicit the point of view of those who take the decisions that influence quality of life in their organizations.”

Over the two days of the conference, hundreds of leaders from a wide range of backgrounds, including the business community, academia, health care, NGOs and the political sphere have gathered to collaborate and challenge current social and economic performance models.
Over 30 different nationalities were represented at the event: today’s influential decision-makers alongside the next generation of world’s leaders.

At the heart of the debate, one shared preoccupation: to identify solutions to foster economic growth alongside social progress.

For more on the Sodexo survey visit and the most interesting opinions on Quality of Life presented during the New York’s conference, please see:



Sodexo in Romania
Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life Services:
From 1998, the Romanian Sodexo Group, which currently has 630 employees, offers services that improve Quality of Life:
- Benefits for Employees:
- Incentive Programs
- Public Benefits
- Food / catering services
- Facilities’ Management.

Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life Services:
The Sodexo Company, the 18th worldwide employer, was founded in 1966 by Pierre Bellon, in Marseille, France and is the global leader in services that improves Quality of Life.

Operating in 80 countries, the Group’s 420,000 colleagues are sharing the same passion in offering services. About 75 million people benefits of Sodexo services.

We trust that a better quality of life increases the satisfaction and motivation of individuals, thus playing an important role in the organizations’ performance, which are our strategic partners. 

Key figures 
• 18 billion euro in consolidated revenues
• 420,000 employees
• 80 countries
• 32.700 sites
• 75 million consumers served daily



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