Sodexo study: 7 out of 10 Romanian employees consider that they are responsible for their own health status

March 30, 2015

The majority of employees nominated movement and nutrition as the main ways to improving and maintaining their own health

Sodexo study: 7 out of 10 Romanian employees consider that they are responsible for their own health status

Qualityoflife_infographicBucharest, 30  March 2015 - Sodexo, top player on the Romanian tickets market, reveals the results of the first Romanian study regarding employees’ perceptions about the Quality of Life. The research tracks the aspects and activities associated by Romanian with a better Quality of Life, and the ways in which they feel they can improve and maintain their own health.

The research is the first local barometer conducted by Sodexo Romania about Quality of Life among employees and highlights in the same time that Romanians and concern to finding a balance between work and personal life.

Jean Istasse, CEO Sodexo Romania: "Improving Quality of Life, Sodexo Group’s constant mission, is an increasingly important aspect for Romanian. The research results can be analyzed from the perspective of the importance of a better life, a desire that continues to grow among Romanians, equally with their interest in maintaining and improving general health through exercise and proper nutrition. "

1. Quality of Life: A good health status is the main issue associated

80% of Romanian employees associate the quality of life with good health status, while family and friends, and financial stability contributes to improving life for 76% and 73% of them.

Holidays and leisure are important, equally, for 47% of respondents. In this survey, respondents were given the opportunity to choose multiple answers.

2. Responsible for own health

According to the research conducted by Sodexo, 71% of Romanian employees believe they have the responsibility for their own health status. This is highlighted by the ways in which they think they can improving and maintaining a good health (there was an option to select multiple answers):

• 81% identified sport movement as the main way to improve and maintain their health status
• For 77%, an appropriate nutrition and food style are important
• Relaxation and reduce stress levels were nominated by 76% of respondents
• A no smoking and no alcohol lifestyle are ways to improve health for 45% and 43% of respondents

3. Nutrition specialists are important in establishing a healthy balanced diet

Sodexo study shows that nutrition has gained importance in our lives, with 81% of respondents stating they pay attention to what they eat and only 4% associating a diet nutrition with losing weight.

For a healthy balanced diet and proper nutrition, 59% of Romanians think the help of a dietician is required.

About respondents

• 52% of participants in the research conducted by Sodexo are men, women represent 48%
• 57% of respondents are between 30-49 years
• 83% of the total live in urban areas, the difference of 17% live in rural areas
• 16% occupied a leading position at the moment of the research
• 65% have graduate university and post university degrees, while 26% are high school graduates or professional schools

Sodexo in Romania
Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life Services:
From 1998, the Romanian Sodexo Group, which currently has 630 employees, offers services that improve Quality of Life:
- Benefits for Employees:
- Incentive Programs
- Public Benefits
- Food / catering services
- Facilities’ Management.

Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life Services:
The Sodexo Company, the 18th worldwide employer, was founded in 1966 by Pierre Bellon, in Marseille, France and is the global leader in services that improves Quality of Life.

Operating in 80 countries, the Group’s 420,000 colleagues are sharing the same passion in offering services. About 75 million people benefits of Sodexo services.

We trust that a better quality of life increases the satisfaction and motivation of individuals, thus playing an important role in the organizations’ performance, which are our strategic partners. 

Key figures 
• 18 billion euro in consolidated revenues
• 420,000 employees
• 80 countries
• 32.700 sites
• 75 million consumers served daily 

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