Employee Benefits Solutions

We understand the our clients’ priority is to optimize their budgets and this  is why we work together in order to choose the best solution that will help them shape their fiscal and human resources strategy.

Our Employee Benefits help companies optimize their HR strategy through customized, economically and fiscally beneficial responses, enabling them to increase their attractiveness.

Customized solutions

Among our well known solutions are Gusto Pass meal vouchers, Cadou Pass gift vouchers, Turist Pass holiday vouchers and Primul Pass nursery vouchers.

Each of our solutions has an important impact on the companies’ strategy and helps them to become more attractive for the future employees.

Meal vouchers Gusto Pass  are the most advantageous fiscal benefit that generates a 54% higher purchasing power for the employees.

Cadou Pass gift vouchers  are a modern benefit that can be offered on various occasions and that enjoys a favourable fiscal frame.

Turist Pass holiday vouchers  are the most advantageous solution to offer a holiday bonus to the employees and they generate 35% savings for the company.

Nursery vouchers Primul Pass  are a convincing method to determine employees to return to work shortly avoiding the costs of recruitment and integration of temporary worker.

Our Employee Benefits are being used in a large network of stores which creates great value to our partners by: increasing their sales, attracting more customers and promoting their location. Also, an important number of traveling agencies, hotels and guest houses have become our partners for holiday vouchers in order to promote and grow their business

The voucher logistics has been created having in mind the client (the company that offers the vouchers to the employees), the beneficiaries, the acceptance network (your location) and Sodexo. Beneficiaries can enjoy using the vouchers by accessing modern tool to find their nearest store of interest easy.

Benefits & Rewards Services

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