Electronic meal vouchers will be issued soon

October 16, 2013

The companies will have two modern instruments to offer individual food allocation for their employees: meal vouchers on paper support and electronic meal vouchers.

Electronic meal vouchers will be issued soon

On the 15th of October 2013, the deputy chamber has approved amendments to the Law 142/1998 on meal vouchers (click here to view the amendments) introducing the concept of electronic meal vouchers in Romania.    

These modification have been supported by the Association of the Meal Vouchers Issuers in Romania to which Sodexo belongs. At international level we have over 47 years of experience in this industry, offering meal vouchers on any type of support: paper or electronic. We provide meal cards in all the continents where we are present, in the countries having adopted the appropriate regulation for that (for example Italy, Belgium, Spain, China, Brazil, Mexico,etc.). 

Strong from this experience, are welcoming this evolution in Romania and we will develop this service to our clients that will want to switch from a paper to an electronic support. 

In addition, before the new regulation is really effective, we will provide you all the information about this new regulation and new service; so that you will be able to choose the best solution fitting with your company and employee’s needs.

We remain at your disposal for any additional query. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 021 204 46 06 or by email at tichete.electronice@sodexo.com, or to call our sales representatives.

In addition, to assess which is the best option for each company: meal vouchers on paper or in electronic format, we have developed an instrument to help them evaluate the best solution. Companies that want to achieve this assessment can contact us at: 021 204 46 06 for an appointment with one of our consultants.

This assessment does not imply any obligation to choose in the future one of the 2 supports: paper or card.

Questions & Answers

1.  Does the new legislative modifications will eliminate the paper meal vouchers? / Will the meal voucher disappear?

No, the law is keeping the paper regulation and is introducing a new additional support, the electronic voucher that can be on a card, the employee having the opportunity to choose the support that fits the best its needs. Both instruments exists in many countries on Europe and on other continents.

2.  Will Sodexo issue cards?

Yes, Sodexo, as it does in many other European countries, has the experience to deliver this service and will deliver this service to its clients in Romania.

3.  Does each of the employees of a company have to open a new bank account for the electronic meal voucher?

No, the meal card is a specific service not linked with a bank card. Each employees will have a special, simple and dedicated meal card account at the meal vouchers provider – for example in Sodexo.

4.  Will the employee be charged for the loss of the card?

No, all the cost related to the card will be borne by the employer, as it is the case today on the paper.

5. Are the electronic meal voucher available to be ordered now?

No, the Deputy Chamber passed the amendments introducing electronic meal vouchers on October 15th.  According to the text voted, the complete regulation, including the application norms, should be published in 150 days. So the card will not be available sooner than in 5 months / march 2013.

6.  Will the fiscal advantage be modified?

No, the fiscal advantages available for paper will be available also for electronic meal vouchers.

7.  The  employee, will be able to use the meal card at the same place is using the paper vouchers today?

Not necessarily. In case the food shop is not equipped to accept the electronic meal vouchers, it may as well continue to accept the paper voucher. 

For further questions please contact us at 021 204 46 06 or write us at: tichete.electronice@sodexo.com

Bucharest, October 16th 2013 


Sodexo in Romania

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Sodexo, lider mondial in Solutii pentru Calitatea Vietii de Zi cu Zi


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Avem increderea ca o buna calitate a vietii sporeste satisfactia si motivatia indivizilor, jucand astfel un rol important in performanta organizatiilor care sunt partenerii nostri strategici.

Sodexo in lume - Cifre cheie:

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