Sodexo 16 years in Romania

July 15, 2014

For almost 16 years Sodexo is contributing every day to the performance of organizations and to the increase of the quality of life for the employees of these companies and institutions

Sodexo 16 years in Romania

Sodexo 16 years in Romania (EN)Since its entrance on the local market until the present moment, Sodexo has been delivering a broad range of services in Romania, from Benefits and Rewards to more recently On-site Services. Through the extensive development of meal, gift, social and nursery vouchers and through innovative incentive programs, catering/food services and facilities management, Sodexo has built its leadership in providing a unique area of Quality of Life Services.

Sodexo activity in Romania started with the meal voucher which is the fringe benefit the most appreciated by employees worldwide. Meal vouchers are offered to support employees to eat at lunch and are used for more than 60 years in dozens of countries proving already the positive impact on maintaining a good health and performance at work.

Also for more than 16 years at international level where launched the electronic vouchers as cards.

Sodexo’s entrance on Romania’s market almost 16 years ago, corresponds with the adoption by the Romanian Government of the legislation necessary to implement this complex system to protect and motivate employees: Meal vouchers law and Application norms. On March 11, 1999 few days after the publishing  of the authorization  criteria of the meal vouchers issuers,  the first 2 meal vouchers issuers were authorized in alphabetical order, Sodexo being one of them.

During the almost 16 years in Romania Sodexo worked with over 50,000 companies to support them to develop the best motivation programs for their employees and offering them technologies and processes that rendered the vouchers system a successful one – over 2 million employees benefiting of it

In Romania Sodexo:
-          Created the most complex system of fringe benefits for the employers
-          Was the first company that offered  online order services
-          Created the largest affiliation network with more than 60,000 locations
-          Was the first issuing company that launched a complex discount offer for meal vouchers beneficiaries, launching the coupons inserted in the meal vouchers envelopes
-          Is  the only issuing company that implemented and certified an integrated management system (quality, environment, labor health and security).
-          Was the first company in its field of activity that implemented also in Romania the sustainable development program “Better Tomorrow Plan” ensuring a business friendly with the environment and actively and continuously  engaged to local communities development by supporting the Stop Hunger Initiative.

Soon, after 16 years since the issuing of the first meal voucher Sodexo will issue also the first electronic meal voucher (on card support), ensuring an update of the meal vouchers system with the new technologies, capitalizing the worldwide expertise in this field.  Globally, 60% of the vouchers issued by Sodexo are in electronic form.

Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Daily Life Solutions.

Sodexo, the 18 th largest employer worldwide was founded by Pierre Bellon in 1966 in Marseilles, France and is today the world leader in Quality of Daily Life Solutions.

The Group operates in 80 countries with 428,000 employees who share the same passion for service.

We believe that the quality of daily life increases the satisfaction and motivation of individuals, and thus plays an important role in the organizational performance of our strategic partners.

Sodexo Worldwide – Key Figures
• 18.4 billion euro consolidated revenues
• 428,000 employees
• 80 countries
• 33,300 sites
• 75 million beneficiaries daily




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