Sodexo will issue electronic meal voucher starting this year

January 23, 2015

Government Decision on approving electronic meal vouchers norms were published on the Official Gazette 54/2015

Sodexo will issue electronic meal voucher starting this year

• Government Decision on approving electronic meal vouchers norms were published on the Official Gazette 54/2015  
• The electronic meal vouchers are not available yet
• Electronic meal vouchers issuance will be possible only after the Ministry of Public Finance will elaborate the authorization criteria for the electronic meal vouchers issuers and perform de assessment process of the companies willing to issue electronic meal vouchers. 

Bucharest, January 23, 2015 – Sodexo company, top player on the Romanian vouchers market, will issue electronic meal vouchers starting this year after the company will obtain the authorization from the Ministry of Public Finance.

The application norm for electronic meal vouchers were published in the Official Monitor no 54/2015, but the electronic meal vouchers are not available yet and the employers and employees could opt for the electronic meal vouchers only after the following steps are accomplished:

• The authorization criteria for the electronic meal vouchers issuers will be developed
• The Ministry of Public Finance, which will remain the main authority regulating the meal vouchers system, will perform de assessment and the authorization process of the companies willing to issue electronic meal vouchers 
„Electronic meal vouchers are a great improvement for the voucher system in Romania, offering for both companies and employees access to the latest technologies in this field and also a great opportunity to choose the best solutions appropriate to each user” says Jean Istasse, CEO Sodexo in Romania.
„Globally, Sodexo group offers 65%-70% of its vouchers on cards, and we expect that electronic meal vouchers will face the same positive trends in Romania as well. Sodexo concentrates thus all its efforts in order to further provide the largest affiliation network for meal vouches printed on paper and on card.”

Sodexo created an Electronic Meal card Usage Guideline useful for employers and employees who want to adopt the new format of tickets issued card

General principals regarding electronic meal vouchers:

1. The electronic meal vouchers are dedicated cards used exclusively for individual food allowance;
2. Employers may choose to offer meal vouchers either on paper, or card;
3. The meal cards will be used only in stores that are equipped to accept cards and that have a special dedicated contract with the issuers. Sodexo will do the best to offer the largest affiliation network on paper and on cards, as it has done it so far in the last 16 years of issuing meal vouchers in Romania;
4. The meal cards on which the allocated sums will be deposited are not bank cards
5. The meal cards will not allow other deposits
6. The meal cards will not allow cash withdrawal
7. The money/amounts loaded on the meal cards will have the same validity period as paper: one year calendaristic.   A meal voucher (paper or card) is issued until October 31 of a calendaristic year, can be used only until 31 December of the year of issuing, while a voucher issued starting with November 1 of a year can be used until december 31st of the next year
8. The face value on electronic meal vouchers and paper meal vouchers is in the present 9.35 lei. The nominal value of meal vouchers is revised periodically by Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and Elder People.

Electronic meal cards principles and rules for employees

1. The amounts available on employees’ meal cards:
• it is mandatory for the employers to communicate each month to their employees the date in which is transferred the value of food allocation on meal cards.
• Employees will use the electronic meal cards accordint to the contract details signed by the employer with the issuers.

2. No extra cost for employees:
• Employers are forbidden to charge the employees and to decrease the nominal value of the meal vouchers. All the costs with electronic meal vouchers will be supported by the employers

3. How to do the payment with the electronic meal cards
• At the moment of payment of food products in the food stores, from the meal cards will be taken the full value of the products purchased. 

Principles and rules for employers regarding offering the electronic meal cards:

1. The ordering process
• The process of ordering meal vouchers remains the same as for paper meal vouchers.
• The novelty introduced by the draft norms is given by the fact that for employees that are working in shifts and the number or working hours  is bigger that 8 hours per day, the number of meal vouchers offered (both paper and electronic) is calculated by dividing the number of hours in which the employee worked at
• The employers are allowed to offer meal vouchers to employees only for the days in which they were present at work and only in the limit of legal nominal value.  

2. Who can receive meal vouchers in electronic cards?
The employers together with the trade unions or with employees representatives, will establish through the collective working contracts the specific conditions for offering meal vouchers and the form of the support, as well as:
• The number of employees entitled to receive meal voucher,
• The nominal value, in the limit of the law and according to the financial possibility of each employer,
• The number of working days for which are granted the meal vouchers ,
• The selection criteria for the employees that shall receive meal vouchers.

3. The payment towards the issuers
• The employers shall pay in advance the amounts for electronic meal vouchers to the issuers, the legal text mentioning that it is forbidden for the issuers to load the meal cards until the moment in which the employer has paid.


Sodexo in Romania

Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life Services:
From 1998, the Romanian Sodexo Group, which currently has 630 employees, offers services that improve Quality of Life:
- Benefits for Employees:
- Incentive Programs
- Public Benefits
- Food / catering services
- Facilities’ Management.

Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life Services:
The Sodexo Company, the 18th worldwide employer, was founded in 1966 by Pierre Bellon, in Marseille, France and is the global leader in services that improves Quality of Life.

Operating in 80 countries, the Group’s 419,000 colleagues are sharing the same passion in offering services. About 75 million people benefits of Sodexo services.

We trust that a better quality of life increases the satisfaction and motivation of individuals, thus playing an important role in the organizations’ performance, which are our strategic partners. 

Key figures 
• 18 billion euro in consolidated revenues
• 419,000 employees
• 80 countries
• 32.700 sites
• 75 million consumers served daily 







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