Technical Maintenance

maintenance genericWe currently offer technical maintenance services in 54 countries. Helping clients to optimize management of their assets is a natural progression.”

In a context of increasing economic pressures, many companies are looking beyond day-to-day running issues to pursue longer term efficiencies. This means optimizing their assets, and extending the life of buildings, equipment and other investments. 

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Energy Resources Management

Energy management is all about balancing consumption, cost and environmental impact...

Project Management

A Sodexo project management team can design and deliver a client’s project on-time, on-budget and on-specification. A Sodexo team contains expertise on each element required by project work, from budget development, to managing contractors, to building energy efficiency and cost reductions into project design...

Building Maintenance. Security and Safety

Constant monitoring and maintenance are required to keep equipment and facilities operating safely at peak efficiency...

 €18 billion in revenues

420,000 employees

32,659 sites

75 million consumers per day

80 countries

19th largest employer worldwide

(Source: Sodexo - fiscal 2014)

Key figures

5,867 million euro in revenues

32% of Group revenues

172,617 employees

17,154 sites

(Source: Sodexo, FY 2013, Corporate services)