Events planning and catering

cook cutting roastEating is an essential part of daily life. We associate mealtime with pleasure, friendly conversation and, of course, good health. With this in mind, Sodexo offers a full array of customizable foodservice formulas.

In addition to planning and providing varied, wholesome, well-balanced menus, we help planning and organizing events, either corporate or private.

For our clients who need meals delivered at their offices, we organize catering.
Sodexo develops and offers meal options to suit everyone’s needs, habits and tastes. 

More services

Kiosks and Coffee Break Services

For our clients who’s employees are spending long hours in their offices of workplaces, and have little time in breaks, we offer a healthy alternative to a fast food...

Staff Restaurant Services

Studies have shown that by ensuring your staff are enjoying their meals and feeling taken care of by their employer can boost morale and they are able to focus on their job...

 €18 billion in revenues

420,000 employees

32,659 sites

75 million consumers per day

80 countries

19th largest employer worldwide

(Source: Sodexo - fiscal 2014)

Key figures

5,867 million euro in revenues

32% of Group revenues

172,617 employees

17,154 sites

(Source: Sodexo, FY 2013, Corporate services)