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Adopting good environmental practices and optimizing facilities gives schools an important competitive advantage. Environmentally friendly school facilities and learning centers help drive student achievement and performance and are important criteria for parents in choosing schools for their children. It also improves quality of life in the learning community.

Learning in a sustainable environment

Sodexo is a leader in designing comfortable, creative and safe living and learning spaces that meet sustainability requirements and LEED Certification standards to reduce carbon emissions and reduce schools’ environmental footprints. As environmental awareness grows, institutions are increasingly asking Sodexo for assistance.

In the United Kingdom, the schools, libraries and youth centers in Wiltshire County managed by Sodexo have received the ISO 14001 environmental certification for design and management. This long-term public-private partnership has been instrumental in helping the community achieve its sustainability goals and underscores Sodexo’s commitment to the environment.

An atmosphere for learning

Comfortable environments enhance both the lives and learning abilities of students, as well as the focus and dedication of faculty and school staffs. Sodexo’s efficient plant operations respond to the needs of schools while optimizing operating budgets.

In China, the Western Academy of Beijing (WAB) was faced with building a new campus to meet its growth objectives. Sodexo helped design facilities that combined modernity with traditional Chinese values and architecture. Sodexo’s close collaboration with local architects ensured a winning design that has enhanced student happiness and satisfaction. WAB’s campus is a showcase and the envy of international schools throughout Asia.

At the Lycée Français de Singapour, Sodexo manages a broad range of services. It has put in place the Building and Engineering Information Management System (BEIMS) permitting asset management, planned maintenance, work orders, cost control and financial reporting. Through a reassessment of the incumbent suppliers and by performing many services itself, Sodexo was able to make savings of over 10% while increasing service levels and shortening response times.

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(Source: Sodexo, FY 2013, Education services)