24/7 maintenance interventions

roof building staff maintenance

Hospitals have to be able to plan for capital improvements instead of reacting to problems. In addition, they need to keep daily operations humming—while keeping costs to a minimum. Sodexo maintains buildings to prevent problems from arising.

Building maintenance specialists

At Sodexo, teams in charge of maintaining hospital environments receive special training. We provide databases and online training modules to which our engineers and technicians can refer at all times. More than 128 courses are already available in the form of written or video tutorials to improve and update their skills.

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Clinical technology management

Patient welfare and treatment depends on the ongoing management and upkeep of thousands of pieces of clinical, biomedical and...

Key figures

3,276 million euro in revenues  

18% of Group revenues  

64,662 employees 

3,946 sites

(Source: Sodexo, FY 2013, Health Care services)