Sodexo, strategic partner of Tata Motors Limited

Tata's challenges

Tata Motors Ltd, India's largest automobile company and one of the largest truck and bus manufacturers in the world, needed to improve the restaurants organization efficiency by providing attractive and well-balanced meals, reception services and food services management in the respect of hygiene standards and environmental protection.

Sodexo's Quality of Life Services

Sodexo designed the restaurants according to Tata Motors Ltd's needs and has allocated a dedicated team of 185 people. Everyday Sodexo provides healthy and varied menus adapted to local tastes along with nutrition advices.

To meet Tata's expectations in terms of environmental protection, Sodexo has put in place effective measures from waste sorting and disposal, to the use of eco-friendly cleaning product, food wastage reducing, and environment awareness campaigns and training.

Outcomes for Tata Motors Ltd

Thanks to Sodexo, 80 of the employees are now satisfied with the restaurants and the restaurant patronage has reached 82.

Tata Motors catering

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What we do for... Tata Motors

For Tata Motors, Sodexo has created a tailor-made foodservices solution. The outcome: a significant increase in employee satisfaction.

Key figures Business & Administrations

10,551 million euro in revenues

51% of Group revenues (Business 27%)

239,308 employees

Source: Sodexo Group, FY 2017